Misunderstood & Proud

I love my boyfriend so much and so whole-heartedly that I feel as though I was asleep the entire time before I started being with him.

I’ve never felt so strongly before and the funny thing is he would never believe me.

Tonight I think I’ve let go of loving him, and it will be for the most stupid reason. We’re both misunderstood and too proud. I really tried. I tried to talk to him, caress him and did what I could think of to get him to bite his pride too. I hung over him like a shadow, followed him into the cold and I couldn’t break through. All of it went unnoticed. I went unnoticed. All he had to do was fold one arm around me when I held him, talk to me and just acknowledged me.

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True love

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Had a little fun for a few days with someone who texted the wrong number.

Phase 1: The Intial Subscription.
Phase 2: After they finally realize i’m not a person. (I’m a bastard)
Phase 3: At the end of the month after increasing subscription costs and sending numerous images. The final bill. (The billing number was another person who texted the wrong number)

The Great DiCaprio.

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ABC kids in the 90’s (part 1)

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